Timeless, memorable and filled with romantic ambiance are the three must haves for our couples' receptions. A 3 Stage Lighting wedding starts with love. Yes! You read that right. Lighting Designer Daniel and Visual Designer Crystal have been happily married since 2012.

We learned so much from our own wedding and have infused what we learned into our conversations with our couples. We usually work with planners and wedding designers; however, we are always available to chat with you and your soon to be spouse. We love questions, ideas and infusing every bit of your love story into your reception lighting.

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From weddings bathed in soft ambers casting a warm glow, to vibrant blues that dance with excitement, 3 Stage Lighting's artistry knows no bounds. Whether adorning venues with cascading chandeliers or orchestrating massive pendant displays, his creativity brings a touch of magic to every corner. From glamorous head tables adorned with sparkling lights to rustic farm table settings bathed in a modern glow, your 3 Stage Lighting team possess a relentless commitment to transforming any space into the wedding of your dreams.

Their expertise extends beyond mere lighting; they weave intricate patterns with washes of color and project dynamic visuals onto dance floors, turning celebrations into immersive experiences. With 3 Stage Lighting by your side, every detail is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of your love story, making your wedding an unforgettable masterpiece of light and joy.


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Looking for guidance for your special day? We've put together a Complimentary Wedding Lighting PDF for easy reference while deciding what wedding lighting is right for your special night.


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