Visual Storytelling



The first step is to understand the vision and then gather all the details into a storyboard that becomes our template for your event.



Once the details have been agreed upon we will begin the planning of your event and check off each detail required to bring your vision to life.


Show Ready

Sit back and enjoy your event as we ensure that your event goes off without a hitch. Show ready means we have you covered for any eventuality.

The Process


Logistics play a huge role in the outcome of your event and we take into consideration a through analysis of all variables when designing your event for a successful outcome. 


Not all locations are alike and will drive certain details of your event. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure your vision comes to life and offer the best design based on your venue logistics.


Equipment makes your story come to life and we have strong relationships with industry partners to always find the right piece that matches the story being told. If we cant find it, well make it for you.


The story is were our heart lies and inspires us to translate your story into layers of  motion, patterns, and images which then weave a one of kind experience that is perfectly, you.


Motion graphics is the secret sauce which allows us to customize your experience fully and brings out details that would not be possible in a traditional way. When designed at scale it transforms any location into an unforgettable experience.


Our lighting design service has been featured in several publications and has transformed many venue spaces into unforgettable moments for once in lifetime experiences. Our favorite motto is "let us light your story!" 

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