Service Agreement


3 Stage Lighting, Inc is a lighting design company specializing in designing with light through the use of rented, purchased (by end-client), or owned fixtures for your event. Our design process includes a cohesive design utilizing color, texture, lumen output, placement, and focus. As such, you the client are purchasing a design specific to your event or space. We reserve the right, and at our discretion, to utilize our partnerships with other vendors to fulfill your design in-part or in-full to complete your design.


We will provide event lighting design services for your event based on the event logistics provided in our lighting proposal. Any changes to your initial lighting proposal will be subject to your approval prior to the final design. If these changes warrant an updated timeline, this will also require your approval. Changes to the design may be made up until the date specified, excluding custom items (ex: Edison pendants, custom gobos, custom fixtures). We are not responsible if you do not approve a change prior to your event or make changes at the event that were not previously agreed upon. To the best of our ability we will accommodate last minute requests; however, they may cost additional depending on the services or equipment needed.


We are not a licensed electrical contracting company. We do not provide the service of putting electrical wiring into your building or retail space. We do not hire electricians. We only provide suggestions to our client for the placement of fixtures (purchased by the client) for your space. We recommend bulbs based on their color temperature output and lumen level. We may recommend dimming systems, when appropriate. We do not provide electrical design plots, your electrician needs to do this. We may plug-in fixtures and focus them. We may screw in bulbs. We do not install outlets, switches or hardwire any fixtures.


As the service provider, we are responsible for providing the following:

    1. A lighting design that is agreed upon by both parties for the amount stated (does not include lighting layers added after initial or final payment).
    2. Qualified lighting technicians that will install and remove our lighting within the timeline allotted (changes to timeline without our knowledge is not our responsibility).
    3. Working lighting equipment.
    4. Proper cabling that meets the power needs of our lighting equipment.
    5. Industry-standard insurance for our company and equipment. Proof of insurance available upon request.
    6. Thorough communication from start to finish regarding timelines and the design.
    7. A 3 Stage Lighting representative on site to request a sign-off once the lighting has been installed. **If purchased** A show call for the duration of your event. **If purchased** Edison bulbs, sockets, and/or wire that match the style(s) selected. **If purchased** Custom lighting elements that match the style(s) selected. **If purchased** A generator matching the line item within your quote.


      1. Providing power for your venue if a generator has not been requested and paid for prior to your event.
      2. Installing other vendors lighting/audio/equipment of any kind.
      3. Providing electrician-based services (we are not electricians and do not offer any electrical servicing - ie; outlet installation, etc).
      4. Providing event insurance for you or your client.
      5. Fixing, altering or changing any of your venue’s lighting without prior consent.
      6. Providing lighting for any area that was not communicated prior to the event.
      7. Installing lighting in a venue or space where the end-client is abusive, verbally or physically.
      8. Installing lighting in a venue or space that has not been paid for in full.


Besides having a wonderful time at your event, as the client, you are responsible for providing the following:

      1. Communication to let us know of any important changes to your design, timeline, or venue.
      2. Your timely payment of retainers, payments, and final payments (these allow us to produce your event in the most efficient possible way).
      3. Approval of any changes within the time frame requested.
      4. A venue contact or someone we can meet with to access power needs pertinent to your design.
      5. A day-of contact (aka Site Contact) that will approve the lighting design if you are unable to do so. This person must be available to provide a sign-off for your design once the lighting has been installed and be reachable by phone via call or text during the day-of the install.
      6. Adequate time to install and remove our equipment provided by your venue.
      7. Event or Day-of insurance [see Section 5] — this is something you should have regardless due to the number of vendors involved in your event.


Life happens and we definitely understand that, in cases where this becomes an issue for our vendor-client relationship we have outlined the following scenarios to help you understand what will occur in a worst-case scenario.

[4A] FORCE MAJEURE (CRAZY WEATHER/BAD THINGS HAPPEN CLAUSE) If we or you are unable to perform due to fire, flood, earthquake, or any other acts of God, act of terrorism, or other causes beyond their control, either party shall be excused from any further performance of this agreement, including any obligation to provide services. In addition, if bad weather or acts of terror happen, we will work with you to provide our lighting services for your rescheduled event. This does not mean a full refund of services due to the costs involved in the pre-production of your event. Rescheduling means, the same services will be provided for the amount you already paid, changes may be permitted if both parties agree to them prior to your rescheduled event.

[4B] CANCELLATIONS (THE NON-CRAZY WEATHER VARIETY) 3 Stage Lighting, Inc. despite our big hearts, will be unable to refund your money if you cancel at the last minute (literally and not literally). Here’s our cancellation/refund schedule: Retainers are typically non-refundable due to the costs associated with producing your event. However, these will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Final payments are non-refundable due to the costs required to produce your event. Custom items are non-refundable. We will carefully review any cancellation requests and will do everything we can to reschedule your event in situations where this is an appropriate solution.


3 Stage Lighting, Inc carries industry-standard insurance and can provide proof of insurance upon request. Please note, we are not an equipment rental company or other rental agency. We are an event lighting design service company and are insured under this capacity. We do not offer an opt-in or opt-out insurance policy for clients. CORPORATE EVENT PLANNING COMPANIES: Since we do not offer an opt-in insurance policy, please request a show-call for your event to release your corporation from equipment liability. GOVERNMENT AGENCIES/LARGE CORPORATIONS: Prior to signing this contract, please specify as to whether or not your agency needs to be added to our policy. INDIVIDUALS: Please ensure that you’re carrying a day-of event policy for your event and corresponding vendors. This can be added to your homeowners policy or purchased online. Proof of insurance may be requested.


Power is a key element in ensuring your event goes off without a hitch. As such, 3 Stage Lighting is not liable if your venue does not have enough power or requires a fee to utilize their power that has not been paid for in advance by you, the client. Please be sure to check with your venue to verify ample power is available. We will be happy to visit your venue to find out how much power is available and can advise whether or not more is required. We are not responsible for other vendors that may utilize excess power or vendors that misuse outlets or improperly cable their equipment.


In order for us to facilitate the lighting design for your event, we will use lighting equipment that is for our exclusive use. In other words, we do not sub-rent our gear to other companies or individuals. Because of this, we will hold any client responsible for intentional damage or theft of our equipment as outlined below. You, the client, will be held liable for any purposefully, knowingly, recklessly, or negligently caused injury or damages to any members of the 3 Stage Lighting design team or property of 3 Stage Lighting, while on the premises of your event, if damage is caused by you the client, your guest, members of your organization, engagement invitees, employees, or any other party in attendance, whether invited or not.


We may take photos of our work and use them for social media, print, or for other marketing purposes. Our work includes lighting layers used outside or inside your venue. We may, upon approval by your photographer, utilize images on our website or social media to showcase the lighting design for your event. We will not use photos of you or your guests without prior consent.


Products used by 3 Stage Lighting may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects, or other reproductive harm.


Terms of payment are outlined as follows. MONTH OF EVENT DATE: Last minute events (within a month of the event) will require full payment due to the costs required to produce the event. Full payment is typically due upon receipt of invoice. 5 MONTHS PRIOR TO EVENT DATE: Events within 5 months of the event date will include the due date of your first payment or retainer (50%) and the due date of your final payment. The 50% retainer is required in order to secure your event date. 6 MONTHS TO A YEAR PRIOR TO EVENT DATE: Events booked 6 months or more prior to your event will be offered the option of a nominal retainer to reserve the date. This retainer will be based upon the total projected design cost and will be counted towards the design total. The remaining amount due will be split into two payments which will be outlined in your invoice.


3 Stage Lighting is not required to perform if payment and/or last payment have not been received by the event date. Custom Orders: All custom orders are subject to advance payment due to the costs involved in ordering and shipping. Hand-assembled lighting elements are non-refundable (ex: Edison pendants, custom string light displays, custom monograms, etc)

SERVICE ONLY - Client recognizes that 3 Stage Lighting, Inc. is providing a LIGHTING DESIGN SERVICE and/or ONSITE DESIGN COORDINATION and is not licensed as an electrician or general contractor. Client agrees that as such, 3 Stage Lighting, Inc. is not liable for damages related to work performed by other parties including but not limited to the installation of any permanent fixtures, permanent lighting, electrical outlets, fountains, conduit, posts, rigging, landscaping fixtures. 3 Stage Lighting is not responsible for the long-term care or maintenance of string lighting strands, bulbs, rigging, or electrical components.