Our services listed below are provided in a tiered format to illustrate how the lighting essentials create the foundation for your event and the additional lighting elements create the perfect recipe for an unforgettable soiree!


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First Stage

Foundation Layer

The first stage of lighting is the foundation layer for your event. These services provide ambiance while providing much needed task, safety, and functional lighting. These lighting elements include: uplighting, color washes, stage washes, and market lighting.

Second Stage

Composition Layer

The second stage of lighting is the composition layer. These elements are typically provided on top of the foundation layer to create added ambiance, character, depth, and visual interest. Lighting elements that add to the composition of your event include: pattern washes, dance floor pattern washes, cake wash, and pin-spotting.


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Third Stage

Embellishment Layer

The third stage of lighting is the embellishments layer. This layer includes lots of sparkle, artistic elements, pizzazz, and statement displays to add buzz and excitement to your event. These lighting elements include: custom monograms, Edison displays, sound active lighting, and marquee letters.


Please note: At this time we do not offer permanent installations of any lighting nor do we provide cinematic lighting.