Permissions and Copyright

Permissions and Copyright



Photography Credits and Usage:

Image Credit: Daniel Gruen Films (Home page// White Edison bulbs splash image)
Image Credit: Adeline & Grace Photography (Home page// Discover Our Lighting photo)
Image Credit: Buenalane Photography (Home page// Servicing the Greater SF Bay Area splash image)
Image Credit: Milou & Olin Photography (Home page// Let Us Light Your Story splash image at Fresh Bash)
Image Credit: Grace Havlak Photography (Home page// Let Us Light Your Story splash image at Diablo Country Club)
Image credit: Discovery Bay Studios (Home page// Let us light your story photo)
Image credit: Amanda Best Photography (Gallery// photos taken for c/o 2001 reunion at the Rellik)

All other images featured on this website are copyright of 3 Stage Lighting. To utilize any images provided on this website, consent must be obtained before use for commercial purposes. Attribution must be stated on any images used in social media, print, or television. This can be done by a link, mention of 3 Stage Lighting in the post, or in the credits.

Any images with clientele and their guests may not be distributed for resale or commercial purposes. 

Logo and Brand Permissions:

The 3 Stage Lighting logo may be used for social or web purposes for up to 300px. For print or larger scale purposes, please contact us to obtain a high-res version of our logo.

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3 Stage Lighting