Lighting Services

Retail Lighting Design

Our passion for lighting extends beyond events into the realm of retail lighting design. Our top priority is capturing your products and giving them the perfect look. We aim to make your product stand out while creating an atmosphere that suits whatever you may be selling—whether it's wine, books, toys, or something entirely different. We delve into color theory, directional fixtures, lumens, kelvin, chandeliers, custom fixtures, LED strips, sconces, and more to create impactful designs.

Lighting Design Consultations

If you own, lease, or rent a brick-and-mortar space, we're here to assist you. We collaborate with your electrician, and we're also happy to recommend an electrician we trust. Depending on your project's scope, we can create a light plot or contract out for a more detailed lighting schematic.

Sometimes a brick-and-mortar space simply needs a lighting refresh. Our lighting refresh services encompass bulb replacements (from incandescent to LED), fixture focusing, and fixture recommendations.

Stage Lighting Servicing

At 3 Stage Lighting, we specialize in troubleshooting issues related to dimmer racks, ensuring your lighting systems operate seamlessly. Our process involves checking fixtures from the bulb onwards to diagnose non-functioning fixtures. We inspect bulbs, power cables, outlets, dimmer racks, and lighting board patches, providing repair and reinstallation services for traditional incandescent fixture systems.

We also perform patch checks on lighting boards, ensuring proper addressing and functionality of fixtures from leading brands such as ETC, GrandMA, Chamsys, Avolites, and Strand.

For intelligent fixtures, we diagnose issues with the fixture itself, data systems, or control boards. We work with major brands including ETC, American DJ, Chauvet, Martin, Elation, Clay Paky, and Robe.

While we don't conduct fixture repairs, we can refer you to trusted repair services when needed.

Additionally, we specialize in retrofitting existing grid lighting systems to energy-efficient LED systems. We recommend fixtures, controls, and power requirements for updating aging systems in schools, theaters, and other venues.

Our expertise extends to designing projector systems tailored to diverse use cases, incorporating top brands like Christie, Barco, Panasonic, Optoma, and Epson.

Contact 3 Stage Lighting for comprehensive lighting solutions and expert guidance on optimizing your lighting systems.