Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s our top 12 commonly asked questions & our best answers.

1. Will you quote an event without a complimentary consultation?

Of course! However, we may still have to visit the venue to gather event-specific information depending on lighting requirements and our familiarity with your venue. We always prefer meeting with our clients beforehand, but we do understand that some of our clients may live out-of-town and others may be wedding planners or event professionals that do not require a complimentary consultation.

2. What cities do you service?

We service most cities in the San Francisco Bay area including North Bay, South Bay, and East Bay. We also service cities as far east as Sacramento and as far south as Carmel.

3. Do you quote events a year or more in advance?

Yes, depending on the size of the event, the amount of work involved, and whether or not the venue has been secured. We typically avoid providing quotes so far in advance after years of experience where we have witnessed many key elements changing before an event. The best time frame to request a quote is approximately 2-4 months before your event.

4. Do you offer permanent lighting installations?

We do not. However, we will consider semi-permanent market lighting installations within a 50 mile radius of Napa, CA.

5. Do you provide cinematic lighting?

We do not offer cinematic or studio lighting at this time.

6. Do you provide no-shadow lighting?

It depends on the situation. We do offer no-shadow lighting if the object is stationary. However, if the object will be moving or there is going to be videography of the event, then we recommend that you seek out someone with a cinematic lighting background.

7. How soon do I need to order a custom monogram?

We recommend about 3-4 weeks in advance to allow our designer enough time to create your monogram and then enough time for the manufacturer to manufacture the gobo and send it back to us for your event. Please note: glass gobos (full-color or black and white) typically take an extra week to manufacture and ship.

8. Can I sub-rent gear from 3 Stage Lighting?

At this time, we only sub-rent gear for very special circumstances and within a small radius of Napa, CA.

9. I’m interested in 3 Stage Lighting sponsoring my event, how do I make this happen?

Please contact us via sponsorships[@] to make your request.  At this time our sponsorships include providing lighting for an event, we currently do not have a monetary donation program.

10. Do you sell gels for Rosco or Apollo?

At this time we do not sell gels; however, we can point you in the right direction.

11. My venue barely has any power. Can you provide power?

Of course! Lack of power is easily fixed with the use of a generator. We’ll quote out the lighting needed for your event and provide a quote with a generator that can handle enough power for our lighting, catering, and your musical entertainment.

12. I just want white uplighting. Can you not tint my lighting?

We could, but we generally avoid this. White light without any tint will make your venue space feel stark and unwelcoming, and will wash out you and your guests skin tones when it comes to photos, therefore we recommend a slight “tint” or color to give a bit of depth and warmth to your venue space, photos, & videos.